Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for the expression of interest in your child joining the band program at school and welcome to ‘Teaching Services Australia’. TSA is a company that provides band programs throughout greater Sydney and the Central Coast. 

At TSA we pride ourselves on providing affordable and effective instrumental music tuition as a stepping stone to further music education or just a fun, social musical experience. For many students, band is the first exposure they have to instrumental music. We aim to give all our students the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in band and hope to inspire them to delve further into the rewarding world of music and the benefits it offers.

We understand how overwhelming all this information can be, especially when it comes to choosing instruments and decisions around renting and buying. Should you have questions, feel free to call TSA on 9651 7333 or email info@teachingservices.com.au.

Band and tuition typically commences in the second full week of term 1 but your school band director will contact you to confirm the first day of lessons. Your child should bring any instrument or accessories they have to school on this day and wait to be called from class for a lesson. If you have ordered an instrument or accessories from TSA, they will be provided at this lesson. 

Thank you again for supporting your child’s interest in music. With practice, support and encouragement the squeaks and honks you are soon to hear will rapidly develop into tunes and the gift of making music will change your child’s life forever.

Kind Regards,

Ben Miesch

Steven Lavis
Music Director