Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions – Standard


Band rehearsals

Typically take place before or after school for 30-60 minutes. Rehearsals are where all children come together to play as a full band.


Refers to the 30-minute music lesson/tutorials where small groups or individual children learn how to play their specific instrument and learn to read music. If enrolled in group tutorials, band rehearsals are included at no extra charge. If enrolled in private tutorials or band only this full band rehearsal incurs an additional cost each term.

  • Group Tutorials ($195 per term - includes lessons and full band rehearsal) - average 5 students per group, generally occur on the same day as band rehersals, timetabled in conjunction with classroom teachers and school executive.


  • Private Tutorials ($395 per term - covers tuition only, students must also pay 'Band Only' fee below) - available at some TSA schools however are limited in availability. These individual tutorials are more expensive and more demanding than our traditional group tutorials. Please contact TSA to discuss before enrolling


  • Band Only ($95 per term) - available to students enrolled in private tuition (through TSA or externally with a qualified tutor.)



Band and lessons are provided on a term basis, with a term typically consisting of 9 -11 lessons or performance opportunities. Fees are payable at the commencement of each term and include all tutorials/band rehearsals and performances for the term. If a public holiday, pupil-free day or other ‘whole school’ activity occurs and less than 9 lessons/performances are achieved in that term, an alternative lesson/performance opportunity will be provided. Due to timetabling restrictions & varying term lengths, this extra lesson/performance may not always take place in the same term.


If you have not chosen to set up a direct debit, an invoice will be emailed to you at the beginning of each term and is payable within 14 days. Payment options include credit card, cheque, money order and EFT. You may incur late fees or your child may be excluded from rehearsals and lessons if fees are unpaid. NOTE – TSA is registered for NSW Government’s ‘Creative Kids’ program. Details on how to use this $100 voucher towards your school band fees can be found on the TSA website.

Student Absences

Tuition is a commitment for a full term. Due to the nature of group lessons, individual student absences cannot be made up. As such, no refund is provided for student absences from group lessons.


Minimum commitment for tuition is one term. Notice of withdrawal must be given to the TSA office prior to the new term commencing or that term’s tuition fees will be charged. No refund is given for mid-term withdrawal (we will give consideration for hardship).


It is expected that students will spend regular time at home practising their instrument. At least 3x20min practices per week are required.


Enrolment, fee and general enquiries should be directed to the TSA main office. The most effective means of contact is by calling or emailing the TSA office directly. Your child’s school office will not be responsible for handling TSA business. Notes sent to school often take days or weeks to arrive at TSA so please contact TSA directly.


Buying or hiring an instrument is an extra cost and is not included in tuition fees. It will also become obvious that some instruments cost more than others. If price is an obstacle we encourage you to contact us for advice and avoid buying a cheap version of an expensive instrument as this can end up costing you more in repairs and depreciation. See the Instrument Purchase Agreement for further tips.


Students will require a music book for band and lessons (Accent on Achievement – $20) and a music stand is recommended for home practice ($25). Clarinet and saxophone players will need a steady supply of reeds (box of 10: clarinet $38, sax $52). A box of reeds will usually last around 12 months once students learn how to look after them.

Resource & Facility Hire Levy

Running a school band requires resources such as sheet music, music stands, percussion equipment, amplifiers, etc. This is covered by TSA’s resource levy ($10 per term). Some schools may also charge a facility hire fee for music lessons to be held at the school. The facility hire fee varies from school to school, usually between $10-$30 per term. Not all schools charge a facility hire fee.

Enrolment Fee

Your Term 1 invoice will include a $25 enrolment fee. Enrol online before Monday 16 December for our 'Early Bird' discount and TSA will waive this enrolment fee. 


TSA occasionally uses photographs of students on its website, in brochures, newsletters and other promotional material. No personal details or surnames will be used and photos are used in accordance with TSA’s Child-Safe and Child-Friendly policy. If you do not wish TSA to display photographs of your child please notify TSA in writing or via email – info@teachingservices.com.au.